Lunch with Rotary Club of Lilongwe

I had lunch and a meet and greet today with the Rotary Club of Lilongwe (District 9210) at the generous invitation of Rotarian Stellah. It was my first experience linking with Rotarians since I arrived in Malawi and I was glad to be able to finally make contact. As a Peace Fellow alumnus, I try to meet frequently with Rotarians and Rotary Clubs to share the importance of the Peace program and its contribution to Rotary’s mission of furthering world understanding and peace. I was given the floor to say a few brief words. Thanks Stellah! :)

The club meets on Tuesdays at noon in a hall behind the Sunbird Capital Hotel for a delicious all you can eat buffet. The club has over 70 members and is a very vibrant group, with several younger members helping to inject some fresh momentum (two of which are shown in the photo below). The Club has two important rules: 1) Do not be late; and 2) Do not use your cellphone during the meeting. If these rules are broken they carry a stiff financial penalty!

Today, the Club was quite excited about an eye clinic they have organised in collaboration with Korean eye doctors, Rotary International and a local hospital. And from what I have read on the web, the Club is also supporting water projects around the country – this is no surprise, Rotary Clubs and Rotary International support thousands of water projects globally. If you are a resident of Lilongwe community interested in giving back to the community as well as meeting other like-minded professionals, this may be an option for you. Check out their new facebook page.

With Rotarians Antonette and Stellah from the Rotary Club of Lilongwe

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  1. One can contact a Rotary club to inquire about membership but can join a Rotary club only if invited; there is no provision to join without an invitation as each prospective Rotarian requires a sponsor who is an existing Rotarian.

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