The Weddell Seal

This is a Weddell Seal, one of the largest mammal species found in the Antarctic region. To get this shot I lay down on the snow on my stomach, set up my camera, took a few test shots and settled in for about 30 minutes, waiting for the perfect snap. The waiting period is the best of all as you have time to observe and become acquainted with the animal you are photographing. Intimacy with nature! This seal is a female – we can tell because her mammary glands are two black lines about 1/4 of the way along her boddy starting from her flippers. These animals can weigh up to 600kg. The best part is that National Geographic photographer Kim Heacox was nearby, coaching me on how to set up the camera for the shot… an unforgettable moment. :)

The Weddell Seal on Pleneau Island in Antarctica

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