Telling my parents about the soultrip

On Friday, my parents arrived home from their “2nd honeymoon” trip. They spent 8 weeks traveling Europe and returned to North America by ship, on the Queen Elizabeth II.

I am kind of amazed to see my father finally traveling outside of North America. He has an intense fear of flying, which has limited him in the places he can travel to. For this trip, my mother convinced him to travel by sea to Europe (return-trip). From the conversations I’ve had with him since his return, I suspect that this trip may have changed him – opened his eyes.

My parents – about to leave on a trans-Atlantic cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary

On their return, I told my parents about my plans for a backpacking trip to South America. They took it well and I was surprised. I thought they might try to convince him not to go.

As I plan to spend time in Colombia during my trip, I’ve taken to watching the news from that country a bit more closely. For one, presidential elections are taking place in Colombia today. Depending on the outcome, it could change the dynamic of my term of study in 2003, since Colombia is in the midst of a decades-long armed conflict with rebel and paramilitary groups, and dealing with the conflict is a major election issue. You can see the results of the elections here.

Aside from that, I’m vacating my apartment on the 8th of June. I will be moving back to my parent’s house for a few months to save on rent ($500/mth, plus food, hydro, etc – it adds up). Living in the suburbs will mean cutting down on parties and bar-hopping, but at least I’ll get a ton of practice driving to work on my motorcycle every day!

That’s all for now folks! Please keep an eye on this site for regular updates and changes. You’ll be seeing lots more on here in the days to come!

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