Sunset over Marikaban Beach in the Philippines

Fishing boats, silhouetted against calm waters illuminated by a setting sun,
provide an idyllic picture of life on Bantayan Island in the Philippines. © Ryan Rowe /

During a recent visit to Bantayan Island in the Philippines beautiful sunsets like this one were common. Life here is just as tranquil as it seems. Fishing is  a mainstay of the economy on small Filipino islands such as these and the shallow coastal waters are rich with many varieties of fish. We stayed at the lovely White Beach Bungalows, in the tiny community of Marikaban Beach, which is a 15-minute motorbike ride from the municipality of Santa Fe. A stroll along the beach and through the village will give you insight into villagers’ life. Everyone is friendly and foreigners are welcome here. Sadly, Bantayan Island and Marikaban Beach in particular were very badly hit by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, but the owners of the bungalow accommodation appear to have rebuilt and reopened.

One thought on “Sunset over Marikaban Beach in the Philippines”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    It feels good when guests still remember their stay in our place as a good trip.
    Yes we were hit by the tayphoon, but in the end we were lucky to have damaged our roofs and not the whole building. We could not renovate so fast, as the electricity was back 1-2 weeks ago. (first to the public buildings and then we). So our renovation lasted longer than we planed.
    We have now renovated the DeLuxe Apartments, but we have to wait for the (re)building permission of the beach bungalows, as the municipal says they are too near to the beach. (Philippine law)
    Also some other small things are not finished yet, but we can accommodate the half of the capacity of before the tayphoon.
    We go on step by step to make it even better than before. By the way, the beach and the Coral Garden are still the same, so you can enjoy the nature as it´s best.
    Maybe some day you come back to visit us again.
    Sunny greetings
    from Gerry

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