Resurrecting my site


Great to be back. As some of you know, my site’s been offline since mid-2010 due to some technical and administrative issues. Over the last few months I’ve been working on these and trying to get my site going again. The pressure was on as I’ve just begun some research work overseas in Kenya which I’m very keen to write about and share photos. (What better time to resurrect my site than when I am just beginning some exciting travel?)

My friend Paul Friesen has been helping me sort out this process. With his guidance, I’ve set up with a new hosting provider with a better service offering (and much cheaper), installed wordpress (again), and been bouncing ideas off of him in terms of how to handle / present the content. I’ve had some problems with wordpress in the past but this new version looks a lot more flexible than ones I’ve used before. Paul’s been a great resource for tips and traps. Thanks buddy!

One big project is to make past content from years 2002-2010 (!) available. Photos, stories, comments and all from my adventures in travel, study and life in general! Its a big project and maybe too big for my plate right now, but those who know me will know that I’ll try.

Stay tuned for future updates from Kenya!


3 thoughts on “Resurrecting my site”

  1. Hey Ryan, glad to hear you’re re-launching your site. WordPress 3.1X is very good. They’ve improved a lot of the features since the previous versions.

    I’m not sure what version your site was using but you might need to manually update to an intermediary version before upgrading to the latest. I recommend backing up your current site’s database and files before trying the upgrade. Ideally, create a duplicate test site to try the upgrade on first.

    Lastly, there’s a bunch of great WordPress frameworks out there that really make customization or creation of your own theme quite easy. This will help in speeding up the re-launch of your site.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey Rich, thanks for visiting. It’s great to get your feedback. I was a bit intimidated by WordPress at first, especially getting back into it after so long, but my old days as a programmer are coming back to me. Looking at code and trying to figure out what goes where is fun (and frustrating). Regarding an upgrade – that was never an option – my old site was deleted and so I don’t have a backup of the WordPress files. I have re-assembled all the content from my old site using the Internet Wayback Machine and Google Reader archives in my inbox. I remember the day I realized my site had been deleted and the elation I felt when I realized it could be recovered. Technology is great. :)

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