Mi familia colombiana

I present to you my familia colombiana in Cartagena, eating steak at a local restaurant. :) At top is Martha who I’ve known for the last 9 years and her baby girl Sophie who has the most delightful personality. On the right are her parents Don Alvaro and Doña Margot who are deeply in love after many years of marriage. :) On the left is Alvarito her brother who has taken me as a brother of his own. :) (Missing is the middle sister Angelica who lives in Bogota. Fortuna tuya cuando proximamente te veo!)

Los quiero mucho!!They have been taking care of me for most of the last two weeks. I can’t think of any way to thank them enough. Hanging out with them has given me new insight into life here on the coast – which I did not see enough of when I lived here in 2003.

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