Eating Dutch herring

Eating Dutch herring
Photo by Ryan Rowe

In this photo, a Dutch herring is descending toward my mouth. Herring is a type of fish and, served in this way, is a popular seafood delicacy in the Netherlands. I tried it today for the first time after a Dutch friend of mine brought several back from a recent trip.

It is traditionally prepared by gutting the fish and then soaking it in a brine solution (salt + water) to preserve it. They are eaten entirely raw, and typically accompanied by onions.

There’s also a certain way to eat it too. In my case, my friend urged me to sprinkle chopped white onions all over the fish, and then pick it up in my hands and lower it into my throat, as shown in the photo. This is the traditional way to eat Dutch herring. If you don’t believe me, google “Dutch herring”. :)

For more background, check out the Wikipedia article on soused herring.

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