Winter in Africa

Internet is slow as molasses here in Lilongwe today but thought I’d see if I could get speed to post an update. Just spent last two days in a hotel restaurant working on reports and things. Haven’t done much touristy at all and ready for a break! So, tomorrow morning I am leaving early on a bus to the Mozambican-Malawian border town of Dedza where I plan to hike up to the top of Dedza Mountain (photo inset shows the view from the summit).

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Dedza is Malawi’s “highest” town at an altitude of 1590m and being winter right now in the Southern part of the African continent the night-time temperatures get down to 10 degrees or so. It’s refreshing and brisk and I’m looking forward to a cold beer in a local bar (or maybe some hot chocolate :)) and meeting some interesting people, locals and travellers alike.

On Sunday morning, I’ll then get on a bus from Dedza into Mozambique, stopping at the town of Tete sometime on Sunday afternoon. I hope to catch an overnight bus from there directly to Maputo. I think it could be as long as an 18-20 hour ride.

Wish me luck e uma boa viagem!

2 thoughts on “Winter in Africa”

  1. I bet you’re having a great time! I’m a little jealous.

    What do you do to ensure that you have safe water when you’re in Africa. I remember this being such a big issue for us, and we simply avoided all water that wasn’t in a sealed bottle, and were extremely careful with fruit/veggies. I know how much you enjoy getting into the local culture, so how to do protect yourself?

  2. Hi Karen! I take the same precautions as you. I drink only bottled water and avoid fruits and vegetables unless I’ve washed them myself. If I’m in a reputable hotel, I sometimes take a chance if it looks like a really delicious salad. :) Other than having to avoid some typical dishes it doesn’t really impact my enjoyment of the local culture. Also, I don’t treat my own water though I have brought supplies with me which I’ll be using for demonstration and presentations to Rotary Clubs, and NGOs around the continent.

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