Water safety workshop in Nagpur, India

In Nagpur, India this week for a three-day workshop and conference on water safety with colleagues from WHO, UNICEF and Government of India (via the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research’s National Environmental Engineering Institute). Nagpur is a city of 2.5 million people in the same state as Mumbai (Bombay). It is most famous for its delicious, juicy oranges and for being the geographic “centre” of the country. My interest in public health began in India in 2009 when I observed water-related health issues on a visit to a local slum. Feels like I have come full-circle to be back here addressing these challenges … and India is one of my favourite countries of all I have visited.

The Workshop Management Committee (L to R): Ryan, Ramya, Ande, Michael, Pawan, Eva, and Payden. Absent: Maggie)
The Workshop Management Committee

2 thoughts on “Water safety workshop in Nagpur, India”

  1. Hi Ryan
    Succes in India
    With the problems now in the Philipines will there al be time to discuss and suggest ideas on
    water treatment in emergencies?
    Henk Holtslag

  2. Hi Henk,

    It has been acknowledged and mentioned in the context of presentations on other topics and from other countries but we have not discussed it specifically. I suspect that most of the expertise on the Philippines is actually in-country at the moment. In fact one of the workshop facilitators from UNICEF was deployed to the Philippines the day prior and had to cancel his participation.

    Best regards

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