Alvaro Uribe elected President of Colombia

So it turns out that Alvaro Uribe has won the presidential elections in Colombia! He’ll face a challenging job in dealing with the nearly 40 year old conflict in that country. Success should mean improved security conditions in the country – which is good news for me (and for Colombians). Fingers crossed! :)

My old CEGEP and University textbooks are all for sale to try and raise ca$h-money for my trip. Feel free to e-mail your titles too and I’ll gladly post it up on my site. :)


I’ve also added Pico Search to my site, see the bottom of my menu at left. You can search the site for keywords that interest you! (PS December 26th, 2003: The PicoSearch function is currently down, it will be visible from the homepage once it’s working again.)

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