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Michael J. Fox plays Johnny B. Goode

Damn … Michael J Fox … One of my childhood heroes for his roles as the smart-aleck in Family Ties and cocky, entreprising teen in Secret of my Success (I wanted to be just like him) and my adulthood hero for his courage and joie/de-vivre while battling Parkinson’s. Last night he reprised his guitar performance of Johnny B. Goode from the movie Back to the Future – for me one of the most awesome music scenes from pop culture because it made me feel happy and alive :)

Had I known I would have flown to NJ for the weekend for this :)


Is it singing? Is it music? Both, it’s beatbox!

This fellow Tom Thum is an Australian beatbox artist who gave a delightful performance at TEDx Sydney last week. I’ve watched the video three times since I first saw it (and it has 3.3 million views on YouTube and counting!). On a day when I was feeling down, Tom’s upbeat nature, wacky humour, stage style and most of all, his quirky sounds, made me happy. Following your passion and bringing others joy in the process. Ain’t nothing better than that!

Watching over me :)

I’m in a taxi tonight winging my way through the dark and empty streets of Lilongwe. The driver’s name is Ben. He’s got a tuque on (its winter here) and he doesn’t talk much. His radio is tuned to a station playing American country music. I ask him if he likes this stuff. He grunts. I tell him I like it too, and he turns it up. I tell him it reminds me of my father. He grunts. Here’s the song he was playing. This would have been a song on my Dad’s playlist for sure… Feel like he is watching over me… Aren’t you Chief?

Don Williams – I Recall a Gypsy Woman