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Fun and busy week in Maputo

View of Maputo from Costa do Sol

At the moment I am in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique – a Portuguese-speaking country on the south-eastern coast of Africa. The weather here is quite a bit warmer than it was in Malawi and Zambia and I am quite enjoying the scene here. The city is coastal, and has quite a vibrant atmosphere. Mix in the Portuguese, and the humid weather, and it all feels quite reminiscent of Brazil. In just a week I’ve gotten a good feel that I could spend some time living here.

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Winter in Africa

Internet is slow as molasses here in Lilongwe today but thought I’d see if I could get speed to post an update. Just spent last two days in a hotel restaurant working on reports and things. Haven’t done much touristy at all and ready for a break! So, tomorrow morning I am leaving early on a bus to the Mozambican-Malawian border town of Dedza where I plan to hike up to the top of Dedza Mountain (photo inset shows the view from the summit).

Photo source: www.timcooke.com

Dedza is Malawi’s “highest” town at an altitude of 1590m and being winter right now in the Southern part of the African continent the night-time temperatures get down to 10 degrees or so. It’s refreshing and brisk and I’m looking forward to a cold beer in a local bar (or maybe some hot chocolate :)) and meeting some interesting people, locals and travellers alike.

On Sunday morning, I’ll then get on a bus from Dedza into Mozambique, stopping at the town of Tete sometime on Sunday afternoon. I hope to catch an overnight bus from there directly to Maputo. I think it could be as long as an 18-20 hour ride.

Wish me luck e uma boa viagem!

Yesterday Zambia, Today Malawi, Tomorrow Mozambique

Or so to speak… I arrived in Lusaka, Zambia on June 11th, arrived in Lilongwe, Malawi yesterday on June 13th, and leave for Maputo, Mozambique on June 17th. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled so quickly through so many countries! It’s not my usual habit, as I prefer instead to spend time in the places I visit, gaining a deeper glimpse into local nuances. But I am in a rush to make it to Maputo, Mozambique and need to make sure I coordinate bus connections with room to spare in case of delay. Beginning on Tuesday June 19th in Maputo I will be participating in a WHO- and UNICEF-organized conference on the development and implementation of policies on point-of-use water treatment in three countries: Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia. My role at that workshop will be to act as scribe (“rapporteur” in development speak), occasional presenter, and communications liaison for the International Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage.

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