Rest in Peace, my dear Sandra

Sandra Maria Martinez Vasquez, of Medellin, Colombia
Sandra Maria Martinez Vasquez, of Medellin, Colombia

Those who are close to me will recognize this lovely lady as a very special person in my life who had an enormous influence on me in many ways. Her name is Sandra María Martínez Vasquez from Medellín, Colombia and she taught me what true and lasting love is and feels like. I would like to share my memory with you, as a tribute to her.

Sandra was one of the most passionate, kind, generous, patient, tender, and sensitive souls I have ever met. She was the kind of person who absorbed negative energy and returned only positive. She laughed and marveled and appreciated the most simple things. She loved to travel and was fascinated by butterflies and birds. Under the toughest of circumstances she made decisions which would be difficult even under the best of conditions; she made sacrifices and took responsibility for providing for her family when no one else was able to. When I think of what it means to work hard and be successful against all odds, I think of her. She lived her life fully and passionately.

One year ago Sandra passed away after a tough and painful battle with stomach cancer. I wish I could have given her a squeeze and a huge hug and given her strength that could somehow make her feel better. At the time I made a bad decision and I missed an opportunity to say goodbye. I regret the choice and that is another lesson she taught me which I will carry with me always.

Sandra has a very special place in my heart. She showed me what it means to love deeply, openly, and vulnerably without hiding one’s true feelings. I feel so humbled, fortunate, and grateful for the amazing gift she gave me.

Carpe diem, my media naranjita.

3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, my dear Sandra”

  1. Hi, I was a Sandra´s workmate. I can say She was the best person I met in my life. I almost cry reading your article

  2. hola Juan. We are blessed to have known her. Thanks for sharing your experience amigo. Que Dios le bendiga

  3. Okay, sitting in a coffee shop with our mutual friend (Melissa F.) and discussing plans on my blogging venture (in the near future) and she says “check out Ryan’s blog!” Side Note: she called you “…a Little bugger” and wondering how you attained your own name for your site.

    I came upon this journal, after looking through your beautiful brightly coloured photos and laughing at some and then this…This made my heart swell and it made my eyes water.

    Thank You for being a prescence in our lives and not hogging all your adventures to yourself.

    I’m sure she felt the positive vibes from all she knew. What a beauty she is.

    Take Care Friend #lovelife,

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