Wise words from my older brother

“As far as your own future goes, think long and hard about university. It’s a great place to learn to think. Forget about exactly what the degree is in – it’s the environment that will give you the tools for the rest of your life. Just three or four years of thinking, playing, and living. You’ll meet people and flex your mind. The fact is that Montreal is a great place to do this. Concordia is an incredible school and is situated in a very stimulating city. It’s full of people from all over the world. This environment will open your mind and you’ll make contacts that will last a lifetime. University’s a great place, Ryan. If you can do it, get yourself a bachelor’s degree. Take courses in a wide variety of things that interest you and you’ll see. You’ll begin to understand what you can do with your mind, and you’ll stretch the limits of who you are and where you want to go. Now is the time to learn.”

~ Max Harrold, my brother, in March 1997

One thought on “Wise words from my older brother”

  1. Brilliant! I like how your brother said it and how you choose to share it publicly. Thanks for the inspiring thought, RR! :)

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