A story by a 5-year-old

SAM_0970-resizeFor the last week, I’ve been visiting with “my” kids at the school in Kibera, Kenya. I call them mine because over the last two years I have grown to love them so much. Here is a snap of one of the girls at the school. She is just 5 years old and is already reading and writing at a level that is about 6 to 12 months ahead of the average child in a school in Canada or the USA (that’s the whole idea, actually). Below is a story she wrote for me/about me and a picture she drew of me in the first lesson I ever gave as a “teacher”. How cool is that? This child (and 101 others like her) were selected out of hundreds of applicants as being most in need of help. At this school, these vulnerable children are given the opportunity to grow, and thrive and ultimately reach their full potential as health, happy human beings. This is happiness!

“Teacher Rayn is come agen.
I am veri hppe (happy).
Teacher Rayn is veri big.
Teacher Rayn is have gril (girlfriend).
Teacher Rayn is in school.
Teacher Rayn come with Catherine.
Teacher Rayn is have bug (backpack).
Teacher Rayn is lik waking (walking).”

By a 5-year-old girl supported by Shine Academy, run by Catherine Whiting and Javier Martinez

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