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A magical penguin moment

My magical penguin moment on the sea ice

I was out on the sea ice yesterday, enjoying an incredibly warm morning, taking in the sun. I dozed off for a while. I was woken up by mother calling me… “Ryan…. Ryan…!” When I opened my eyes, she told me to look around. Several penguins were within feet of me, looking at me curiously. I had lain so still that they felt comfortable enough to approach. This is what experienced Antarctica travelers call a magical penguin moment… AWESOME. :)

The power of the cold and the wind

Holding on to the railing of the National Geographic Explorer, as gale-force winds whip against my body, in Lindblad Cove (Antarctica)

Last night, we cruised into Lindblad Cove, an inlet about 5km across which is named for a Swedish adventurer Lars-Erik Lindblad in honour of all that he did to promote awareness and conservation of Antarctica. Its about 10pm in this photo and still fairly light out. I could barely withstand the gale-force winds, among the strongest winds I have ever felt in my life. In front of is a massive glacier which is (slowly) sliding into the Southern Ocean and has a mountain on either side of it. As we watched, a huge section of the glacier calved off and slipped into the ocean in front of us, generating huge waves and creating new icebergs. The cold, the wind, the sheer power of it all is absolutely terrifying and thrilling at the same time. This is Antarctica!