Solo hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

A male ibex and the Mont Blanc massif in cloud. Photo by Alamy @ The Guardian
A male ibex and the Mont Blanc massif in cloud. Photo by Alamy @ The Guardian

A few days ago I posted a National Geographic article about great long distance hiking trails in different parts of the world. The first one on the list – hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc – caught my eye and I decided to book the trip! This is a 170km circular hiking route which takes about 11 days and winds its way through mountain villages, glaciers, and valleys in and around the Alps of France, Italy, and Switzerland, with a total elevation gain of more than 10,000 metres. Awesome!

I’ve never done anything remotely like this before and I have no idea if I’ll be able to finish it. (I hope I do.) It’s going to be a crazy test of endurance! But when I was thinking of places to go and things to do for two weeks, I realized how much more I wanted an athletic adventure than my usual backpacking and exploring type of travel.

The solitude of walking for 11 days alone in the mountains (except for other hikers I encounter along the way) should be great time for one of my favourite activities – introspection – as well as time to contemplate and floss my mind. And the physical challenge is part of my master plan to #BeatDiabetes.

Post-trip edit: All photos from this adventure were shared through the Live Passionately Instagram Feed, which are also replicated on this site.

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