Eating the mezcal worm in Mexico

Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes coming in. There is no better timing for your love. (cheesy?) The last 18 months have been painful for me physically and emotionally and at times I felt weak, lost, broken, and unsure where my life was headed. There have been so many people who have supported me in my journey. I’m not completely through it yet but things are starting to look up. I decided to move back to my hometown in Canada and I have a new job with a great company doing inspiring and fun social projects all over the world. The stars aligned and I am in Mexico for my birthday, investigating how to get more and better quality water to people in vulnerable situations. In order to draw a line between the past and present, I decided to seize the day and finally eat the famous mezcal worm. In fact, I ate two at the same time. Here you go. And thank you. Much love.