Launch of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Festival to promote the launch of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 race in the United Arab Emirates. © Ryan Rowe /

Traditional Arabian dhows carry the banner of a new F1 race to be held annually in Abu Dhabi starting in 2009. The promotional festival brought together F1 teams and their drivers for a mock race on the city’s streets and was open and free to the public. Fast cars are a common sight in the UAE’s capital city which is also home to a Ferrari themed amusement park.

Sunset over Marikaban Beach in the Philippines

Fishing boats, silhouetted against calm waters illuminated by a setting sun,
provide an idyllic picture of life on Bantayan Island in the Philippines. © Ryan Rowe /

During a recent visit to Bantayan Island in the Philippines beautiful sunsets like this one were common. Life here is just as tranquil as it seems. Fishing is  a mainstay of the economy on small Filipino islands such as these and the shallow coastal waters are rich with many varieties of fish. We stayed at the lovely White Beach Bungalows, in the tiny community of Marikaban Beach, which is a 15-minute motorbike ride from the municipality of Santa Fe. A stroll along the beach and through the village will give you insight into villagers’ life. Everyone is friendly and foreigners are welcome here. Sadly, Bantayan Island and Marikaban Beach in particular were very badly hit by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, but the owners of the bungalow accommodation appear to have rebuilt and reopened.

Little Grace recovers from brain surgery in Kenya

Hi everyone,

A quick update on the little girl Grace in Nairobi who had a brain tumour and severe stomach pain and who had no funds to pay for medical care. (Through Facebook, we raised thousands of dollars to sponsor her care.)

As you know they removed the tumour and she responded very positively. The latest news is that her doctors are pleased with her recovery progress and she is finally well enough to go home. Grace no longer has any pain or swelling in her head or stomach. They are going to continue monitoring her condition.

Grace and her mother would like to thank everyone who donated money, sent her messages and prayed for her during her illness.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can continue to follow Grace’s process and the activities at the school where she goes by subscribing to updates from Impoverished Children on Facebook.

Grace 001 - FB Tag
Grace is recovering well following the removal of a brain tumour. © Catherine Whiting / Impoverished Children

Snowy egret at Alcatraz Island

Snowy egret at Alcatraz Island © Ryan Rowe /

The snowy egret standing proud on Alcatraz Island in California, showing off its pristine white plumage. I am attracted by its sharp facial features and the way its head-feathers have a mohawk style. The bird, once considered endangered, has rebounded in population numbers since the establishment of the US Bird Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.