Got butterflies?

Thousands of butterflies

I dare you to have an idea. Break that idea down bit by bit. Start with just a piece of it. Sometimes that one piece will lead to something completely different than you ever would have thought. Eventually your brain will become a factory for innovation.

The human brain is capable of conjuring up such incredible, fantastic dreams and ideas. How can we keep track of them all? How can we choose which to follow? It seems to me it would be difficult to remain focused in a sea of dreams and ambitions. Following all of them at the same time would be like running through a kaleidoscope of butterflies while flapping your arms and clenching your fists to see how many you can catch.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe I dream too large, fantasize too much, or aim too high. I set myself these lofty goals, and get disappointed when I don’t reach or achieve them as quickly as I would like. I get so many crazy ideas going through my head that I get these pounding headaches, but hope and ambition are what keep the human flame alive, right?

I still want to do them all, I want to chase every dream and make it come true. How to choose? I can’t imagine letting them go, leaving them to fade away from memory. It seems to me to be such a waste to let desires and ambitions go forgotten, or unfulfilled.

A vision and a method: that’s my solution—a vision of one butterfly at a time, and a method to catching it. Why stop there? Aspire to achieve all of your dreams and goals. The human condition is to always desire something more; our ambitions will never be sated. And why should they be? Progress is what advances mankind.

Do you write your thoughts down? You don’t have to write like a great novelist to put your thoughts down on paper. Just jot it down, in point form, scribble it, scratch it out, it doesn’t have to be eloquent prose. Writing your thoughts on paper will let you open your heart and your mind and let you discover yourself.  Let the pen be your friend. Imagine if you did not write down every great thought or dream you had. You might forget them, one by one, and be left with … nothing.

Traditional North American Indian tribes have used dream catchers for centuries. In recent years, they have become popularized as a powerful symbol for good fortune and success for a person, their household, and the community. Some Indian tribes have differing interpretations of the dream catcher. For instance, the Lakota Sioux elder Iktomi had a vision of a wise spider while it weaved its web. The spider spoke to him and said:

“Use this web to help yourself and your people to reach your goals and make good use of your people’s ideas, dreams, and visions.”


The common thread in the legend is that the dream catcher will dispel evil spirits or dreams, and the good dreams remain with its owner.


This site is… a showcase for people who have followed their dreams, lived life for the moment, and seized an opportunity, any opportunity when the occasion arose. This site is for those people who have dreams but haven’t yet followed them because they don’t know how, or are too scared, or don’t think they’ll ever achieve them. Let other people’s dreams be an inspiration to you so you can break away from the rat race too.

My website gives me a window into my own mind. An open journal that forces me to be realistic, and open-minded; It serves as a constant reminder of dreams both realized and unfulfilled. Once I have put them to paper, they become really real, and to forget them or to not aspire to them would be a sure tragedy and a failure.

aim for the sky.

endless passion and ambition.

face your fears. live your dreams.