Reblog: The nature of surf | Mountain Man Graphics

“While the fire of the eternal cosmic flame is
clearly the primal and central energy source,
all of the elements of nature combine to create
the manifestation known as the surf.

The FIRE in the sunshine,
The AIR of the winds,
The WATER of the ocean swell
and the EARTH of the coast.

You don’t have to surf to have a love for the
ocean. You only have to have a love for the
nature of the surf.”

~ From The Nature of Surf by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia, circa 1995.

Originally shared on this website as The Four Elements in September 2002.

It’s Sept. 11th and the L.A. atmosphere is eerie


Helicopters flying all over L.A. today. Cars are out in droves with flags flying high, and balconies everywhere are draped in the “Stars and Stripes”. Other than that, everybody is acting fairly normal. Stores are open, and business appears to be as usual.

In Montreal, Concordia University activists protested against a speech by Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday. Check out an article written by Jake Morrissey and photos taken by same on Jake’s Wordiness site [site now offline].

The following day, the Concordia administration imposed a temporary state of silence on public debate concerning the situation in the Middle East. This drew even more criticism, including this piece [now available at the Internet Wayback Machine] from Josh Bernatchez, writer and concerned Concordia University student.

I had a couple of hours today and I managed to get the rest of the photos from last week on to the site. Check them out!

In other news, I’m in it. Check out this local newspaper [article now offline] from the West Island of Montreal. Pretty wild. :) I made the paper!

Ok boys and girls, take it easy..